The answer for me is pretty simple; experimenting with different boilies until you’ve found what works best for you!

What are cell boilies?

Basically cell boilies are a certain brand of boilies produced by Mainline. They are a specific type of boilie which are made from high quality protein ingredients to produce a particular flavour of boilie with it’s own unique taste and aroma.

Mainline Cell Freezer Boilies

Mainline Cell Freezer Boilies – 15mm 1kg. Click image to find out where to buy these top rated boilies.

I use cell boilies a lot and have had some great results. It’s fair to say that the majority of carp anglers only have good things to say about Mainline’s cell boilies and I think the results speak for themselves.

One common gripe that some people do have though is the cost of cell boilies. I have to admit they are quite expensive but lets face it as with most things in life, if you want the best then you will have to pay that little bit extra and these boilies are worth paying that bit more.

Why buy cell boilies?

Mainline’s cell boilies are a great bait and for me are well worth the money. Why? that’s simple I’ve caught a load of carp on cell boilies!

Mainline Cell Boilies

Mainline Frozen Cell 18mm Boilies 1kg. Click image to buy from Amazon.

There’s also been a lot of research and experimenting that goes into producing these boilies. Does that make them the best boilies or the best carp bait for that matter? No of course not, but you can only judge a bait from results, right!?

You can buy cell boilies either fresh or frozen. Both are great boilies and I’ve caught carp on both types but it generally boils down to personal preference. Basically frozen boilies are the more expensive but are free from preservatives which appeal to a lot of anglers because some feel they are less harmful to the fish.

You can read even more about my boilie review here.

Mainline boilie favourites:

Mainline Spicy Crab

Mainline Hi Impact Spicy Crab. Click image to find out more.

Apart from cell boilies, my other personal favourites have to be Mainline’s Hi Impact boilies Spicy Crab and Banoffee. Why? because they look good, smell great and are full of top ingredients. To be honest these days there are a load of different flavoured boilies on the market with all different shapes and sizes. Why not take a look at my selection of Mainline and Dynamite boilies here.


Click here to read a bit more about making your own boilies from using a Mainline or other boilie base mix.

Boilie Base Mix

Boilie Base Mix. Click image to view Boilie dry base mix on ebay

To find out more about making your own boilies from a base mix, you can watch Ali Hamidi mix his own boilies using a Mainline base mix on YouTube here. Also available is Starmer Baits Boilie Base Mix which can be used as a good alternative.

The Starmer Base Mix has a number of different types including: 50/50 Protein Base mix, Fishmeal mix, Green-lip Mussel mix, Hempseed mix, 60/40 Birdseed Base mix & Chopped Mixed Nuts Base mix. You can also buy 900g – 25kg.

Also to find out more about boilie making equipment such as a boilie rolling table and a sausage gun then click here.


What are the other boilie options?


Mainline Dumbell Boilies

Mainline Dumbell Boilies. Click image to buy this top rated hook bait.

There are a lot of different brands of boilie on the market, that’s for sure. But I seriously wouldn’t recommend buying any old brand of boilies that you haven’t done your research on.

In my opinion I wouldn’t look any further than these top 3 brands: Mainline, Dynamite & Nash boilies.


Have you ever thought about making your own boilies? Check out my post here to find out more.

Dumbell boilies are also now very popular with a lot of carp anglers. Click here to view Mainline’s dumbell boilies.

Mainline Fluro Pop-up boilies

Mainline Fluro Pop-up baits are a highly attractive visible bait and have proven to be very successful for myself and other carp anglers. They are good for using in situations where there are very few or no free offerings. They are highly visible so carp we be easily attracted to them.

Mainline Fluro Pop-ups

Mainline Fluro Pop-ups – Click image to find out more about these brilliant boilies


The 15mm pink and white fluro boilies now come in Cell, New Grange and Hybrid with approx 60 pop-ups per 15ml tub so they should last you many sessions – so why not give them a go!

Click here to view Mainline New Carp Fishing Fluro Pop-ups.


Are Dynamite’s tiger nut boilies the best boilies to buy?

Dynamite Tiger Nut Boilies

Dynamite Tiger Nut Boilies. Click image to view on Amazon.

I think Dynamite’s tiger nut boilies are arguably one of the best selling boilies on the market. I love them purely because they’ve caught me and many other carp anglers I know countless numbers of carp, which means I have complete confidence in them.

I’m obviously not a carp so I don’t know how good they taste but one thing I do know is that they smell great and if I was a carp I’d definitely eat them 🙂



Great Boilie Offers on ebay

There are lots of different boilies on the market but I’ve listed below all of the main brands of frozen and shelf life boilies. Most of the cheap boilie deals can be found on eBay and are distributed directly by tackle dealers which I’ve sourced for you. Just click on each link below to be redirected to the relevant buying page, all of which have Free P&P.

If you’re not a member of eBay then you’re definitely missing out, it’s FREE and easy to use, so JOIN HERE to find out more….and to get involved!!

Dynamite Baits Cartptec 15mm Boilies 1kg (Flavours: Strawberry, Pineapple & Banana, Tutti Frutti, Crab & Crayfish, Plum, Spicy Quid, Bloodworm) – Click here £8.25 each.

Nash Bait NEW Instant Action Boilies 200g *10mm, 15mm or 20mm* (Flavours: Coconut Cream, Crab & Krill, Tandoori Spice, Tangerine Dream) – Click here £3.99 each.

Mainline High impact Boilies 1kg *15mm or 20mm* (Flavours: Aromatic Fish, Banoffee, Essential IB, Spicy Crab, Salty Squid, Peaches & Cream) – Click here £9.99 each.

Mainline Baits Frozen Boilies 1kg *All Flavours 10mm, 15mm or 18mm* (Flavours: Cell, New Grange, Activ 8, Proactive Pineapple, Fusion, Hybrid) – Click here £15.99 each.

Mainline Baits Response Boilies 200g handy pack or 450g standard pack *15mm or 18mm* (Flavours: Tutti Frutti, Strawberry Zest, Salmon & Shrimp, Pineapple & Banana, Squid) – Click here £3.50 or £7.95 each.

10kg Bag Of 15mm Boilies. 5 Flavours Krill Halibut Tutti Frutti Sausage & Scopex – Click here £39.99 each.

Mainline CELL Boilies, 1kg Freezer Boilies *10mm, 15mm & 18mm* – Click here £13.10 each.

Buying boilies in bulk

I think if you are on a bit of a tight budget and you want to buy boilies in bulk then you can’t go wrong with Nash boilies.

Nash Instant Action Boilies

Nash Instant Action Boilies. Click image to view this great deal on Amazon.

Check out Nash Instant Action Crab and Krill 20mm boilies 5kg bag – Price £28.99. That’s less than £6.00 a kilo!

Or 2.5kg bag of Nash Crab and Krill for £17.99. (Other flavours include: Coconut Cream, Tandoori Spice & Tangerine Dream)

Alternatively if you want to go that extra mile and buy Mainline freezer boilies then you can buy Cell freezer boilies 10mm, 15mm & 18mm in 1kg, 2kg, 3kg & 5kg bags – Price £14.99 to £54.99.

New Korda Goo

New Korda Goo. Click image to find out more about these top rated liquid attractors.

If you want to add extra attraction to any of your boilies or other hook baits then check out Korda’s range of goos here. In my view these are some of the best PVA liquid attractors on the market.

Read more about what I have to say on liquid attractors and bait dips here.

NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.



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