Spodding for Carp

Spodding-Casting-Protector-Spod-And-Marker-RodsSpodding for carp these days is an integral part of carp fishing. I’ve been using the spodding technique now for a good few years! It’s essential to spod bait especially if you are fishing longer sessions as you need to get a large amount of bait out in a fairly short space of time.

Apart from using a bait boat this is the only way to get a large amount of particle bait out over a small area at range. This is done using a spod rod and spod rocket, with the aid of a marker float set up.

Some people struggle with the spodding and the art of being able to hit pretty much the same spot every time. It basically just takes practice. The distance part isn’t a problem because you can measure the distance you’re fishing against the marker float and then simply clip your line or braid using the line clip. After that it’s just a case of lining up with a fixed feature on the far bank to aim for.

Check out this great spodding video below. Darrell Peck gives some good tips on spodding techniques and examples of different baits to use in a spod mix.

The only other way to bait with particles at range is to use PVA products but you can only use a minimal amount of bait with this baiting technique. There is also the cost factor as PVA products are quite expensive.

Main disadvantage of spodding…

The main disadvantage with spodding is the fact that when the spod rocket is filled with bait it becomes very heavy and this creates a large crash when it lands in the water. A lot of the time the disturbance will spook away any fish that are in the area. But there is also an argument that the sound of spodding actually attracts carp to the area – to them it’s almost like the dinner bell being rung! 🙂

See below my recommendations for Spod & Marker Rods and other accessories that won’t break the bank:

Chub S-Plus 12ft Fishing/Spod/Marker Rods – Price £43.95 – £69.49

Chub S-Plus 12ft Carp Fishing Rods

Click image to view these Chub S-Plus Carp Fishing/Spod Rods on Amazon – in a variety of test curves.



  • Slim and lightweight blank – exceptional performance and value for money.
  • 12′ rods – available in 2.5lb, 3.0lb, 3.5lb, Spod and Spod 12ft.
  • Plenty of power for long range casting.
  • A sleek matt black finish with double leg SIC-Lite guides and contoured line clip.
  • You should be able to cast up to 100+ yards with no problem at all.


These carp rods are excellent value for money and come in a variety of test curves which means that they can be used for fishing, spodding or as marker rods. The beauty with these rods is that they are multi purpose and are a great buy especially if you intend to do quite a bit of spodding. In my view you don’t have to spend a load of money on top rods when rods like the Chub S-Plus will do the job just as good.

I used to own a pair of these rods and I thought they were great especially for spodding and using as a marker float rod. They are very accurate for casting and can handle large spods with ease. As well as the performance I think that these rods really look the part!

Always remember to use braided line on the reel when spodding, as this will give you extra strength which is needed for casting those heavy spods. You should also use braided line on the marker float set up, purely for sensitivity reasons. This will enable you to feel the marker lead on the lake floor and be able to determine for example whether there is weed or if it is a silty bottom.

These rods are also brilliant for casting out PVA bags and method feeders. They have plenty of power for long range casting but also have great rod action for playing fish whether you intend to fish long distance or in the margins. I never used them very often as fishing rods because I already had a set a carp rods, but when I did they worked just fine and I had no issues.

Click here for more info and to buy the Chub S-Plus 12ft Fishing/Spod/Marker rods.

Daiwa Black Widow Carp 12ft (2 parts) Carp and Spod Rods – Price £38.90 – £63.10


Click image to view these top rated Daiwa Black Widow Carp Fishing/Spod Rods on Amazon – in a variety of test curves.


  • Slim and balanced blanks – lightweight rods with excellent performance.
  • 12′ rods – available in 2.75lb, 3.0lb, 3.5lb and 4.5lb Spod.
  • The big titanium-oxide double leg guides facilitate long casting distances.
  • These rods will cast up to and over 100 yards with ease.


These rods are fantastic value for money and have had some great reviews. They come in a variety of test curves making them ideal for fishing, spodding or as marker rods. Daiwa Black Widow carp rods have been around for quite a while now and are well known for being good reliable rods.

These rods have no problem casting PVA bags, loaded bait rockets and heavy method feeders at range. Basically you can’t go wrong with these carp rods. The spod rod has a 4.5lb test curve which will give you maximum strength for casting large spods.

If you do intend to use a spod rod with braided line, remember to always use a spod glove. This will stop the braid slicing open your finger when casting and trust me I’ve been there – it’s painful! I’ve got a TF Gear casting glove and it’s great. You can buy either a left handed or right handed glove.

Click here for more info including some great customer reviews and to buy the Daiwa Black Widow Carp and Spod rods.

Shimano Aerlex Xta 7000 Spod Reel + Greys Distance Spod +12’6″ Rod – Currently Unavailable


Shimano Aerlex Xta 7000 Spod Reel + Greys Distance Spod + 12'6" Rod

Click image to buy this Shimano Spod reel and Greys Distance Spod rod at a fantastic price.

RRP: £259.98

Price: £179.00

You Save: £80.98 (31%)

One of the most popular spod rods on the market has to be the Greys Distance Spod Rod. These rods are of high quality and have had some great reviews. If you know your spod rods then you would of heard all about Greys!

The slick design and action of these rods make them a perfect tool for baiting up at ranges of up to 100yrds. They are a bit more expensive than the average spod rod but they are definitely worth the extra expense especially if you are serious about your carp fishing.

You can buy the Greys Spod Plus 12ft Carp Fishing Spod Rod on Amazon for £99.49Click here for more details.

Alternatively you can on ebay for just £74.48 – Click here for more details.

You can buy the Shimano Aerlex Xta 7000 Spod Reel for just £59.99 – Click here for more details.

But even better still is this spod rod reel combo (as pictured above). For just £179.00 you can purchase a Shimano Aerlex Xta 7000 Spod Reel + Greys Distance Spod + 12’6” Rod – how good is that!? You’d be hard pushed to find a better spod rod reel combo. Click here to find out more about this great offer.

Then to finish the set of why not consider investing in the Greys Marker Plus 12ft Carp Fishing Marker Rod – at just £109.49. Click here for more details.

Complete Carp Spod Rod 5lb tc Reel and Spods Outfit Setup – Price £49.95


Click image to buy this great Spod rod outfit – a perfect buy for all carp anglers.


  • Carbon 12ft Spod rod 5lb TC.
  • Comes with 2 x Spods.
  • Big pit reel.
  • Stainless steel mechanism.
  • This rod will cast a heavy spod 70-80 yards no problem.


This spod rod is great value for money and comes with its own spod! It’s a perfect little starter kit for newbies. If you’re just starting out in carp fishing and you haven’t done any spodding yet then this little set up is perfect and obviously the price won’t break the bank.

It has a 5lb test curve which means that it will be able to fire out heavily loaded spods at range with ease. You should be able to cast up to 70-80 yards with a large spod. Also included is a big reel for easy casting and two spods to get you started. The reel is loaded with red line and includes a spare spool.

The main thing to remember when spodding is that it’s crucial the spod lands by the marker float on every cast. This will ensure that the bait is landing pretty much on the same spot every time.

To achieve this a good little tip is to measure out the amount of line from the rod tip to the marker float and then do the same for the spod rod. Then fix the line in the line clip and this will ensure that you hit the same distance every cast. You can line the two rods (spod & marker) up behind you and walk the lines out along the bank until you’ve reached the desired distance.

Click here for more info about this great offer and to buy the Complete Carp Spod Rod Outfit Setup.

Great Spod & Marker Rod Offers on ebay

There are many Spod and Marker Rods on the market but I’ve listed below some of the main types. Most of the Spod and Marker Rods that can be found on eBay are distributed directly by tackle dealers which I’ve sourced for you. Just click on each link below to be redirected to the relevant buying page, all of which have Free P&P.

If you’re not a member of eBay then you’re definitely missing out, it’s FREE and easy to use, so JOIN HERE to find out more….and to get involved!!

CHUB S-Plus Rod Range – Carp Rod, Spod Rod and Marker Rod available. 12ft 2.75 lb, 12ft 3.0lb, 12ft 3.5lb. 12ft Marker Rod 3.75lb, 12ft Spod Rod 4.5lb – Click here £43.99 – £51.99.

TF Gear Banshee 12′ 3.5lb, Spod and Marker Carp Rods. 12ft Marker and Spod Rod – Click here £44.99

NEW Fox Torque Carp Fishing Rods – All Sizes Including Spod and Marker.  12ft 3lb Dunlop Handle, 12ft 3.5lb Dunlop Handle, 12ft 4.5lb Marker Abbreviated, 12ft 5.5lb Spod Abbreviated. – Click here £109.95 – £119.95       

Daiwa NEW Whisker DF Spod And Marker Rod 12ft 4.25lb – Click here £134.50

Sonik SKS Black Carp Rod Range Including Spod and Marker Rods. 12ft 2.75lb, 12ft 3.0lb, 12ft 3.25lb, Spod and Marker – Click here Starting from £49.99

TF Gear Project Carp Rods x3 & Airlite Reels x3 Ex Demo Set… 12ft 2.75lb, 12ft 3lb, 12ft 3.25lb – Click here £169.99


NEW Sonik SKS Carp Fishing Spod Rod 12ft With Bait Bucket, Spoon, Stick, Rocket – Price £69.99 – Click here to view more details.


Spod Rockets and Marker Floats

There are quite a wide range of spod rockets and marker floats on the market. For me I don’t think you can go wrong with the Korda range of bait rockets and marker floats. I’ve listed a few examples below:

Spods/Marker Floats

Korda SkyWinder – Price £8.63


Click image

This is a great little spod – designed primarily for use as a boilie rocket. But it also can be used to deliver maggots, small pellets and other particle baits at range with less spillage. Water can easily be added to increase the casting range. You should be able to reach a distance of 50-60 yards with the spod even half empty. Perfect for fishing smaller waters.

Click here to buy the Korda SkyWinder.

Korda Skyraider Spod & Dropzone Marker Float Pack – Price £11.49


Click image

The Skyraider spod and marker float pack has been designed to be aerodynamic, which means the floats will fly great distances with minimal effort. It’s a perfect little combo pack at a great price! Ideal for a newbie or a more experienced carp angler. You should be able to reach a distance of 70-80 yards with very little effort.

Click here to buy the Korda Skyraider Spod & Dropzone Marker Float Pack.

Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Kit – Price £13.79

Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Kit

Click image

This is a great little kit – it comes with a marker float, marker stem, beads with 3 and 4 ounce Probe Marker Leads. The setup is perfect for tangle free, long range plumbing. The float rises up smoothly even in heavy silk weed! It’s easy to set up and casts long distances.

I have a very similar kit and it’s a great little investment. You need this kind of kit to know exactly what is on the lake bed and to pick out those clear spots which could be ideal feeding spots for carp.

Click here to buy the Korda Drop Zone Marker Float Kit.

Spod Rocket – Small 5″ – Price £3.90


Click image

This little spod is perfect for baiting up with smaller particle baits such as maggots, hemp, sweetcorn and small pellets. It’s ideal for close to medium range fishing and is designed to be more aerodynamic than other small rockets. Like with most spods water can be added to increase the casting range.

Click here to buy this Small 5″ Spod Rocket.

Medium Spod Rocket – Price £4.80 


Click image

This spod rocket will hold much larger amounts of bait including larger particles such as tiger nuts, boilies and large pellets. It’s ideal for medium to long range fishing and is designed to be more aerodynamic and therefore more accurate, so the same baiting spot can be hit on each cast.

Click here to buy this Medium Spod Rocket.

NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you. Thanks again.


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