PVA Products – Including Bags, Mesh, String & Tape.

PVA fishing products have literally revolutionised carp fishing over the past 20 years or so. I remember buying some PVA (or Poly Vinyl Alcohol) string for the very first time; the idea of a length of dissolving string leaving a trail of boilies around my hookbait was almost unthinkable. But it worked perfectly!

Depending on the water temperature most PVA products will dissolve in water after about 30-45 seconds. Most anglers these days tend to use dissolving bags and mesh over string. I prefer to fish using PVA sticks made up of pellets and crushed boilies, dipped in an oil base liquid attractor.

PVA Mesh - PVA Products

PVA mesh of crushed boilies and pellets.

But the beauty is that you can literally put any kind of bait of your choice into the bags/mesh, but obviously avoid any water based products/liquids as these will melt the PVA within seconds!

I find using PVA sticks/bags are excellent for short fishing sessions or if you’re doing some stalking and are prepared to get mobile around a lake. In my view it’s the best baiting method going for ensuring that you have a pile of free offerings right next to the hookbait with minimal fuss and disturbance to the water. Most PVA fishing products are relatively cheap to purchase especially if you buy in bulk!

I’ve listed below some great PVA fishing products for all different types of carp fishing.

NGT PVA Mesh String Bag Bundle Set – Price £22.99


Click image to buy this awesome PVA kit which contains everything that the modern carp angler needs!

This PVA set is perfect for the beginner as well as the more experience carp angler and is great value for money (RRP £49.99). It has pretty much everything that you’ll need to do with PVA fishing in one complete set.

The bundle set is great for all different types of carp fishing and includes PVA mesh, string, bags and tape. Each set has the following items:

  • 7 metre length of wide refill with PVA tube.
  • 7 metre length of narrow refill with PVA tube.
  • 20 metres of PVA string & 20 metres of PVA tape.
  • 20 x 100*130mm PVA bags.
  • 20 x 70*100mm PVA bags.
  • Double ended plunger.

Click here to find out more including customer reviews and to buy this NGT PVA Mesh String Bag Bundle Set.

PVA 14m Micromesh System Kit 35/22mm – Price £9.99


Click image if you are interested in buying this Trio PVA Micromesh System Kit off Amazon

The mesh PVA system is something that I use all the time and is very popular with most carp anglers. It’s great for fishing with smaller particles such as mini pellets and chopped up boilies. The system is dead easy to use and you can prepare a number of baited sticks before you hit the bank! Each PVA system has the following:

  • Protective tube – to keep the PVA nice and dry! (very important)
  • Plunger to compress the bait.
  • Top quality micromesh PVA (22mm & 35mm wide) which dissolves very quickly in the water.
  • The end result is a perfect tightly packed stick.

Tip: For extra attraction use an oil based liquid attractor (PVA friendly) to coat the baited stick – the carp will home in on the bait even quicker!!

Click here to find out more including customer reviews and to buy this PVA Micromesh System Kit.

If you need a refill then click here to find out more including customer reviews and to buy this PVA mesh refill 10 metres narrow mesh 25mm. Price £3.50 – brilliant value for money and should last you ages.

Or click here to find out more including customer reviews and to buy this PVA mesh refill 50 metres wide mesh 32-40mm. Price £16.00 – depending on how often you go carp fishing or how wasteful you are, 50 metres of mesh refill should really last you for a couple of years at least.

Korda PVA Total Dissolve String (15 metres) – Price £4.99

Korda NEW Total Dissolve PVA String

Click Image to view and buy this Korda PVA string.

PVA string is excellent if you just want to bait up with several boilies on a simple stringer rig. I caught my first 20lb carp when I was 14 years of age using PVA string with tutti frutti flavoured boilies. To be fair things have come quite a way since then 🙂

Alternatively, as is more common today, you can use the string to tie rig knots or even to seal a PVA bag, with the knowledge that the bag is completely sealed during casting.

This is a great little bit of kit and comes in very handy from time to time.

Click here to find out more and to buy this Korda PVA String.

Korda Kwik-Melt Solid PVA Tape (5mm width 40m / 10mm width 20m) – Price £4.48 – £7.25


Click image to view and buy this Korda PVA tape.

PVA tape, just like the string, is perfect to tie-off PVA bags knowing that solid tape will dissolve within a matter of seconds once in the water. There are also other uses for the tape such as tying up the hair or other parts of the rig to avoid tangles when casting.

You can either buy 20 metres of 10mm width or 40 metres of 5mm width. Again this is a great bit of kit as you just never know when you might need a bit of dissolving tape.

Click here to find out more including customer reviews and to buy this Korda Kwik-Melt Solid PVA Tape.

Fluro Dissolving Rig Foam – Price £4.99

Dissolving Rig Foam

Click image to get more info about this dissolving foam. Ideal for perfect hook presentation amongst snags.


Dissolving Rig Foam is a fairly new product but I simply love the stuff! I basically use it for two reasons. Firstly I use the foam to mask the hook when I’m fishing in weedy conditions.

This gives me confidence after casting after my rig, knowing that the hook won’t get caught on any weed before it’s hit the lake bed. Once the foam has dissolved I know it will be free from weed or any other bits of debris in the lake.

The other reason I use dissolving foam is purely for presentation. If I’m fishing a pop-up rig then the foam, which again is used to mask the hook, acts as extra buoyancy meaning that the hook length will slowly come to rest completely on top on the lake bed.

In some silty situations if you don’t use foam in some way, the hook length can sink slightly in the silt which means that the rig doesn’t lie right in the water. Resulting in carp becoming suspicious of the rig and ultimately not taking the bait.

Click here to find out more including customer reviews and to buy this Fluro Dissolving Rig Foam.

Trakker Carp Fishing PVA Pouch – Price £17.99


Click image to buy this new PVA pouch at a fantastic price!

As we all know storing any PVA product away from the effects of rain and damp is a must, so this Trakker PVA pouch is perfect for keeping everything nice and dry. Trust me I’ve been caught out by the rain a few times so a waterproof pouch like this one is something that you need to invest in.

If some of your PVA products get caught out in the rain and they start dissolving then you can end up in a right old mess, and any mesh, bags or whatever else you might be using will be ruined!

I’ve got a pouch similar to this but not quite as good. This new Trakker pouch has a lot more compartments. Check out what people are saying on the link below – It looks like the general view is that this is a great little bit of kit.

The zip-up, foil-backed pouch is perfect for storing your PVA products along with extra space for other accessories like braided hook lengths, leads and swivels etc…

Other features include:

  • Dimensions: 25cm x 15cm x 16cm.
  • 10 internal pockets.
  • Neoprene carry handle.
  • Hardwearing polyester.
  • Nyplax base.

Click here to find out more including some great customer reviews and to buy this Trakker PVA Pouch. 

Great PVA Offers on ebay

There are lots of different PVA fishing products on the market but I’ve listed below some of the main brands. Most of the PVA deals that can be found on eBay and are distributed directly by tackle dealers which I’ve sourced for you. Just click on each link below to be redirected to the relevant buying page, all of which have Free P&P.

If you’re not a member of eBay then you’re definitely missing out, it’s FREE and easy to use, so JOIN HERE to find out more….and to get involved!!

PVA Mesh 25mm 7 Metres Stocking & Plunger and Free Tube for Carp FishingClick here £6.95

Korda NEW Carp Fishing PVA Systems, Refills, String Tape And Solidz *FULL RANGE*Click here £2.99 – £19.99

PVA Tape and String Carp Fishing 20 metres Fast DissolvingClick here £2.89

PVA Mesh Wide & Narrow Bundle Pack 7m with Tubes + Plunger Carp FishingClick here £13.95

PVA Bags x 60 3 Different Sizes Carp Coarse Fishing Tackle NGT Fast DissolvingClick here £5.39

NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you. Thanks again.


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  1. Hello,

    One off the best quality PVA mesh produced in Holland for a competitive price.

    Tube complete including plugner 10 mtr 25 mm micromesh pva for € 6,95

    Refills 10 mtr 25 mm micromesh € 3,99

    Our website is going online end oktober.

    Best regards,

    René Wehkamp

    Producer off the finest PVA Mesh

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