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Korda-GOO-GARLIC-GLAZE-POWER-SMOKE-Bait-Dips-And-GlugsWhether you’re using liquid attractors, dips, glugs or goo – one thing is for sure, it will increase your chances of catching carp significantly. I’ve been using bait dips for my stick mixes and hookbaits for some time now and to be honest I couldn’t imagine going carp fishing without them!

The beauty is these days you can literally buy any flavour to either compliment the bait that you’re using or just one that you think will simply do the business on the day! Carp are attracted to the oily scent that travels through the water layers from some distance; which means it shouldn’t be long unit they’re on your bait.

I’ve got a number of liquid attractors, all of which have worked for me, and most won’t break the bank either. One bottle should last you many carp sessions. My favourite flavours that have brought me results have to be Caramel Cloud Power Smoke and Strawberry Kick Bait Smoke.

But there are many other great flavours on the market, some smell absolutely beautiful 🙂 See some of my top choices below.

Korda Goo (115ml) – Price £12.97


Click image to check out Korda’s great range of Goo’s

To be honest I can’t fault this stuff! It comes in many flavours and in my view is the best liquid attractor on the market.

Korda Goo, especially the power smoke, is renowned for creating a unique bait trail through the water layers, that carp find irresistible. It’s totally PVA friendly and being a multi purpose goo means it’s ideal for the following:

  • Soaking boilies/pellets & other particle baits.
  • Glugging all kinds of hookbaits.
  • Binding stick mixes.
  • Mixing with ground bait/method & spod mixes.

One thing to remember with this stuff is that you can easily get into a bit of a mess, the Goo seems to get everywhere if you’re not careful. It’s strong smelling stuff and very sticky so just take extra care when applying it to your baits or PVA products.

As mentioned Korda Goo comes in many flavours – here’s just a few of the more popular ones that I really rate:

  1. Tutti Frutti Special Smoke.
  2. Pineapple Power Supreme.
  3. Rasberry Plume.

Click here to find out more including some great customer reviews and to buy the above Korda Goos.

Or why not check out Korda’s new 2014 range of new flavours.

Mainline Stick Mix Liquids – Price £10.95

Mainline New Stick Mix Liquid-Cell-Banoffee-Hybrid-Clockwork-Orange-(Banoffee)

Click image to view Mainline’s most popular stick mix liquid

These are very popular amongst many carp anglers and have had some great reviews.

I’ve only tried the Banofee flavour and I thought it was very good and had complete confidence in using it on my stick mixes, as well as soaking my hookbaits.

To be honest I rate the Korda Goo more but this is still a very good product and is certainly worth a try. At the end of the day it boils down to personal preference.

Each PVA friendly bottle is 500ml and should last you for ages. I’ve listed all four fantastic flavours below:

  1. Banofee.
  2. Liquid Cell.
  3. Liquid Clockwork Orange.
  4. Liquid Hybrid.

Click here to find out more and to buy any of the above Mainline Stick Mix Liquids.

NGT Intense Attractor Aroma Dips – Price £7.90

NGT-Intense-Attractor-Aroma-(Set of 5 Bottles)

Click image to buy this 5 bottle set of intense attractors by NGT

This is a great little set of attractors, ideal for bait dipping. There are five different flavours – each mini bottle is 50ml.

If you’re just starting out in carp fishing then these dips are perfect to experiment with and to find out which works best for you.

The set contains the following great flavours:

  1. Strawberry Burst
  2. Tutti Frutti
  3. Squid & Octopus
  4. Scopex
  5. Halibut

Click here to find out more including customer reviews and to buy the NGT Intense Attractor Aroma Dips.

Mainline Active Ade Syrup’s – Price £7.95


Click here to buy these Mainline Syrups – perfect for glugging baits!

These super thick syrups are ideal for glugging hookbaits and have proved very popular.

They’re also good for soaking pellets and other particle baits. Being completely water soluble means it quickly spreads through the water layers, ideal for attracting carp from all around.

I know a few anglers that have tried these Syrups and the general opinion is that they are very good. But be careful when applying the liquid and try to avoid getting any on your hands otherwise you’ll get into a bit of a mess – bit like the Korda Goo.

It’s recommended that you use just 10ml per 1kg of bait. Check out some of the great flavours below:

  1. Activ-8.
  2. Bloodworm.
  3. Condensed Coconut Milk.
  4. Halibut.
  5. New Grange.
  6. Tiger Nut.

Click here to find out more and to buy any of the above Mainline Active Ade Syrup’s.

Great Liquid Attractors & Bait Dip Offers on ebay

There are many Liquid Attractors & Bait Dips on the market but I’ve listed below some of the main brands. Most Liquid Attractors and Bait Dips for carp fishing that can be found on eBay and are distributed directly by tackle dealers which I’ve sourced for you. Just click on each link below to be redirected to the relevant buying page, all of which have Free P&P.

If you’re not a member of eBay then you’re definitely missing out, it’s FREE and easy to use, so JOIN HERE to find out more….and to get involved!!

5 x 100ml Fishing Bait Glug Boilie Dip Additive Attractor 5 Liquid Flavours NGT. Scopex, Halibut, Strawberry, Tutti and Krill  – Click here £8.75

Bait Tech Carp Fishing PVA Friendly Attractor Oils. Krill & Tuna, Polony and HempClick here £6.99

Mainline Baits Dedicated Hookbait Enhancement Dip Glug 175ml. 10 great flavours including: Fusion, Activ-8, Cell, New Grange & Tiger NutClick here £11.95

Nash Bait NEW Top Rod Magma Hookbait Glug Dip Flavours: Squid Liquid, Chilli Liquid, Sweetcorn & Liquid ‘N’Click here £9.99

Dynamite Baits NEW Boosted Hookbait Boilie Dip/Glug. 11 great flavours including: The Crave, Robin Red, White Chocolate & Coconut Cream, GLM, Spicy Tuna & Monster Tiger NutClick here £7.99

NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you. Thanks again.


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