What is the Best Carp Bait?

Selecting the right bait and choosing the right swim to fish are probably two of the most important parts of carp fishing. Get these wrong and you might as well pack up and go home!

A beautiful 22lb Mirror Carp

A beautiful 22lb Mirror Carp

Whether you are fishing close in or at range may also be a factor in what bait you decide to use.

For example if I’m stalking for carp in the margins I tend to find that using a more natural bait like a lobworm or even sweetcorn can sometimes have better results than using boilies because the carp are less cautious to these baits than to other pressured baits that are used on a more regular basis.

Fact is from my personal experience all of the baits that I’ve listed in my top 10 have caught me many carp over the years. It boils down to personal preference and in the right situations they will all catch carp.

There are other baits that are not on my list which will catch you carp on the day. Some people will have differing views and that’s fine because as I’ve mentioned before one of the most important factors when choosing a carp bait is the confidence that you have in that particular bait and that comes from experimenting with different baits and years of experience.

Click here to begin my top 10 best baits for carp fishing.


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