Carp Fishing DVDs – Find out my top 3 recommended DVDs!

Korda Underwater DVD Part 7 - Unlocking the day ticket codeThere are a lot of great DVDs on the market offering a great insight into carp fishing. Some of my personal favourites have to be the Korda collection of DVDs. I’m also a big fan of the TV series Thinking Tackle where the Korda crew take to the waters here in the UK and abroad. If you haven’t watched any then I strongly recommend you watch some of the series to see exactly what you’re missing out on!

My Top 3 Carp Fishing DVDs

Korda Carper’s Collection Volume 2 – 12 Disc DVD Box Set by Korda – Price £49.99


Click image to view Korda’s Carper’s Collection

This five part limited edition DVD boxed set contains the groundbreaking Korda state of the art underwatercarp fishing Parts 4, 5 & 6 together with Thinking Tackle Season 2 & 3. Follow Danny Fairbrass and Team Korda as they reveal all the tactics and methods they employ to bank beautiful carp from both home and abroad. Sit back and enjoy over 24 hours of unmissable carp catching action. Running time -1,470 mins (approx).

DVD Review:

This is an amazing deal for the amount of running time that you get – the DVDs are simply awesome!

The box set and the various underwater footage it shows is one of the first of it’s kind and is brilliant to watch for the first time. The cameras are set up so you can watch the carp feeding underwater and see how exactly the carp react to seeing fishing rigs and different baits etc…

The Korda crew are on hand to talk you through the behaviour patterns of the carp and to give you their view on what is going on and the reasons why. I found the underwater coverage really fascinating, just watching the carp in their natural habitat was a real eye opener.

Why not watch it for yourself and make up your own mind? Check out the YouTube trailer here.

Once you’ve started watching you won’t be able to stop, trust me! Some of the footage is priceless and it gives you a much better understanding of exactly what goes on beneath the water and the behaviour of carp.

The Korda crew and guests on the show talk you though baiting techniques and all different kinds of rig systems for each episode, so you don’t miss a trick!

Click here for more info and to buy this DVD box set.

Also available is Korda NEW Underwater Part 7 Carp Fishing DVD – Click here for more details.

The Carp Crew Collection – Series 1 & 2 {DVD} – Price £12.99


Click image to view The Carp Crew Collection DVD Set

Carp Crew Series 1 
Jan Porter, like most carp fisherman, simply wants to improve his carp fishing skills in a variety of disciplines. In Carp Crew Jan achieves his goal by rubbing shoulders with a carp guru in each episode to learn from their expertise.

Along the way, some of the secrets and intricacies of this exacting pursuit are revealed, helping you become a better carper . Over the series, Jan builds up a complete guide on how to improve your carp fishing and is helped along by some of the greats in the field.

Carp Crew Series 2
In Carp Crew Series 2, a true carp-fest is on offer as the biggest names in carping demonstrate the latest methods, show a huge selection of tackle and share secret baits, tips and technology news.

Along with specialist guest anglers and recognised experts, one of the UK s leading names in carp angling, presenter Kev Green, will share his wealth of experience and offer insight into the UK s carp fishing fraternity.

DVD Review:

This is another great DVD at an unbelievable price.

The first series is especially good for beginners but also has some great tips and advice for the more experienced carp angler. One thing I’ve found with carp fishing is that you never stop learning. The beauty is you can watch this DVD over and over again and you never get bored.

Episodes for series 1 includes: Boilie talk, French carping, PVA bags and all you need to know, plus there’s some great day ticket fishing on some top waters in Oxford and Shropshire and much more…

The second series offers a great insight into the modern day carp angler. Again offering a ton of advice and tips from some top carp experts. Kevin Green is the presenter and he’s a real character take it from me – it makes the series even more enjoyable to watch!

Episodes for series 2 includes: carp fishing along the river Nene, Canal carping, Canadian carping, Carp fishing using a pole, particle fishing for carp and much more…

Click here for more info and to buy this DVD (series 1 & 2)

Korda Thinking Tackle Season 7 Carp Fishing DVD – Price £17.49

Click image to view Thinking Tackle Season 7 DVD

Since the first series of Thinking Tackle played to a fascinated audience, each successive offering has raised the bar, and Season Seven is the best yet! The eight-show run features the cream of Team Korda, along with a few new faces, tackling some of the premier venues in the UK, for your enjoyment.

The shows are presented by Thinking Tackle veterans Danny Fairbrass, Ali Hamidi and Adam Penning and feature a guest list that includes Simon Scott, James Turner, James Armstrong, Tom Dove, Richard Stewart, Neil Spooner and Mark Bryant. Plus much more…

DVD Review:

In my view the Korda Thinking Tackle series is the best carp fishing show on TV. They talk about everything you need to know to become a successful carp angler on today’s pressured waters.

I think Danny Fairbrass and Ali are great presenters and they explain in detail topics from bait selection to the best rigs to use on a variety of different fisheries and also features the opinions of a number of guests on the show.

Some of the Korda tackle and rigs are newly designed and you get to see how they perform when they are put to the test.

The best thing about this series is that it’s completely up to date with today’s modern day carp fishing, and the Korda crew share with you all of their knowledge and experience so you can test it out and put to use in your own carp fishing.

Above all the Korda crew catch some stunning carp from all different lakes across the UK from large syndicate waters to heavily pressured day ticket fisheries. There’s literally something for everyone!

Click here for more info and to buy this DVD (Thinking Tackle series 7)

Or why not start from the beginning with Thinking Tackle series 1 – Click here for more information.

Why not watch the action and record it at the same time!? Well guess what, you can!
Mini DV DVR SPY Sunglasses Camera Audio Video Recorder

Click image


You can now buy the Mini DV DVR SPY Sunglasses Camera Audio Video Recorder. This is the next big thing in carp fishing!

Not only can you record all the action from your eye view but the best thing is you can show off the footage to all your mates of how you landed your latest monster catch! Brilliant!! 🙂

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NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.

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