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Price: £2.50 – £3.00 a pint on average. I usually buy a mixture of white and red maggots.

Outlets: Most good tackle dealers. Also check out Amazon and eBay for plastic fake baits.

Top Tip or Fact: Tip – Maggots are an excellent carp bait for the winter. Try a bunch of red and white plastic maggots on a hair rig – this usually produces the goods.

Maggot Review:

Maggots are a fantastic carp bait and is No. 8 on my best carp bait list. They are good for both the summer and winter months but especially in the colder Mixed Coloured Maggotsmonths when the water temperature drops. They are usually seen by the carp as a natural bait along with worms, mussels and other larvae and so will usually be less cautious and be confident in feeding on them.

Maggots come in a variety of colours and can also be dyed, but white and red maggots usually do the trick. Rubber fake maggots on a hair rig will usually deter some of the nuisance fish but generally it can be quite difficult in the summer months to get through the smaller fish to get the carp interested.

It may be the case that a lot of maggots need to be put in the swim to attract the carp and hopefully push a lot of the smaller fish out of the swim.

“Plastic maggots can be very effective when used as a hair stop…”

Funny thing is how many times have you been summer fishing and a young lad sets up in the swim next to you using float fished maggot and within no time hooks into a large carp which goes tearing through your swim haha…yep it’s happened to me on more than one occasion.

Mixed Coloured MaggotsI tend to only use maggots in the winter months.

Carp are a lot less active and a lot of the times will prefer to feed on smaller food items. So maggots are a perfect bait offering. Also many of the smaller fish will showl up and become dormant so you will not be pestered as much as you would normally when the water temperature is warmer.

If you’re fishing a bunch of maggots then it’s definitely worth buying a maggot clip. These are great little clips and it means that you can hook on several maggots or even more, onto the clip with ease. The beauty of these unlike hooks is that there’s no chance of any of the maggots wriggling off the secured clip.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Maggots are very attractive to carp and are easily digested.
  • Carp will often see them as part of their natural diet and so will usually feed on them with confidence.
  • Excellent winter carp bait.
  • Can be fished as part of a ground bait or method mix.
  • Rubber maggots can now be used on a hair rig which can be very effective.Matt-Hayes-Adventure-Fake-Bait-Selection-Multicoloured
  • If you are using a bunch of live maggots then a maggot clip is essential.
  • PVA bags are now frequently used to bait up with maggots.


  • Fairly expensive bait.
  • Fishing maggots at distance can be an issue if you want to bait up with free offering as you can’t exactly catapult maggots very far out. So you would need to spod, use a bait boat or PVA bag to ensure the maggots get to the desired area.
  • Highly attractive to nuisance fish.
  • Maggots will only last usually about a week or so in the summer months, but if kept sealed and refriderated, will last a lot longer.

Why not try adding extra attraction to the maggots by spraying with this Boosted Garlic High Attractor.

Final Take:

For me maggots are still a great carp bait although not used by as many carp anglers today. They are arguably still one of the best winter carp baits out there. The beauty of fishing maggots in the winter is that they last a lot longer because the pupa stage of the maggot is delayed due to the colder conditions making them less active than in summer months.

Over recent years fake plastic maggots have become very popular and have caught me a number of fish.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you. Thanks again.

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