No. 6 Best Carp Bait…


Meat (incl. Spam and Luncheon meat).

Price: £2.00 for a 200g tin on average. There are many different brands of tinned meat on the market but pretty much most of them will catch you carp. My personal favourite though is Spam.

Outlets: All good supermarkets. Also try Amazon and eBay.

Top Tip or Fact: Tip – flavouring and colouring meat is a great alternative. Try using a chilli flavour and colouring the meat red!

Meat Review:

Meat is another classic carp bait and is No. 6 on my best carp bait list. It’s one of those baits that has probably lost a bit of its popularity over the years but make no mistake this stuff still does the business.Luncheon-Meat

Carp love the taste, smell and texture of meat. As a kid it was the main bait I used because boilies were a relatively new thing back then (showing my age now)! Also it is quite a cheap bait, but best of all if you get a bit peckish, scoffing a few cubes of meat always does the trick 🙂

Fishing with meat can be a great alternative…..

Fishing with meat over a bed of hemp and sweetcorn is a great bait combination. It’s caught me a lot of fish over the years and it’s a bait I sometimes use on hard fished waters where boilies is the main bait used. I tend to use a large piece of meat to try and deter the smaller fish. Although the hook

Hair-Rig-Luncheon-Meatbait will still need to be changed quite regular as the other fish will constantly nibble away at the bait.

The smell that meat gives off in the water is a great attractor on its own but flavouring meat is always worth exploring and will sometimes give you the edge over other anglers.

Some carp anglers even compress Spam or luncheon meat to form a paste. You can add other things to the mix like cheese and bread crumb. Paste can prove to be a very effective bait in the right situation.

Pros vs. Cons



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  • The smell and texture make it an excellent bait for carp.
  • Meat is quite a cheap bait especially if you buy in bulk.
  • You can buy tinned meat from all good supermarkets. Also don’t forget to try Amazon and eBay.
  • Meat also gives off an attractive oily aroma which travels through the water layers which the carp find irresistible and will be drawn to it.
  • You can experiment with meat by using different size pieces.
  • Flavouring and colouring meat is also another good alternative.
  • Some anglers have even experimented by using meat from cat food which has an even richer flavour. Cat meat over recent years has proven to be very effective but the problem is it doesn’t stay on the hook very well because it’s quite a soft meat.


  • Meat doesn’t stay on the hook/hair rig that well. A good little tip though is to keep the meat out in the open air for an hour or two. The outside of the meat will then start to harden, which will help it stay on the hook or hair rig a lot longer.
  • Other fish will nibble away at the bait and become a nuisance. So regular changing of the hookbait is required.

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Princes-Pork-Luncheon-Meat-300g-(Pack of 12)

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Final Take:

Meat is definitely a bait that cannot be ignored. Over the years it has been a great for catching carp and is one that you can always rely on if you have failed to catch using more conventional carp baits.

If you are fishing a water where there are a lot of other nuisance fish a great tip is to grill the meat before hand to make it a lot tougher on the outside. This will make it more difficult for other smaller fish to nibble away at and it will stay on the hook/hair a lot better.

NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you. Thanks again.


2 Responses to Best Bait for Carp Fishing – No. 6 – Meat

  1. Marius Van der Walt says:

    How do you prepare this bait????

    • Ade says:

      Hi Marius,
      Meat can be used straight out of the tin no problem….but to to ensure it stays on the hook or hair rig longer, you can fry the meat (only for a few minutes) which will make the outside tougher and so will stay on the hook/hair longer. Or you can simply leave the meat out in the open air for about an hour which again will harden the outer skin of the meat.
      Hope this helps

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