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Price: £1.00 approx. will buy you a large tin of sweetcorn (cheap as chips!) Or even cheaper if you buy in bulk. You don’t have to buy branded sweetcorn either, other non-branded corn will do the job just as good. Remember to get the sweetcorn with added sugar and salt as this is a big attraction for carp.

Outlets: Any good supermarket. Also remember to try Amazon and eBay.

Top Tip or Fact: Fact – The most famous carp caught on sweetcorn has to be Chris Yate’s 51.5lb linear mirror carp in 1980 from Redmire Pool in Hertfordshire. The capture of this fish which was at the time a UK carp record stunned the carp world.

Sweetcorn Review:


Click image to view this great deal at Amazon for bulk buying of Maize

Sweetcorn is my No. 2 best carp bait and is arguably one of the best carp baits ever! It continues to catch a lot of carp of all sizes year in and year out. It’s cheap to buy and it’s colour and taste make it highly visible and attractive to carp – they find the stuff irresistible! Also any amino acids that the corn gives off will travel through the water layers which is very attractive and will draw in the carp.

Another type of corn is maize, it’s from the same family but has less sugar content. Unprepared maize can be bought in bulk and is usually very cheap, no more than about £2.00 per Kilo. Click here to find out more about buying in bulk. Always remember to prepare the maize properly as it can be very harmful to the carp if it isn’t cooked correctly. Unprepared maize is as hard as rocks so it’s important to get the preparation right!

To prepare safely you first need to soak the maize in cold water for 24 hours (the longer the better). Then boil the maize and simmer for about 30 minutes. At this point you can add your own liquid attractors before leaving the maize to soak in their own juicies in an airtight bucket for another couple of hours. You can always tell if the maize is ready because it expands and you should be able to split the maize when pinched.


I’ve caught a lot of carp on sweetcorn and maize and is a bait that I always have on me when I go fishing – it’s a must in my book! The beauty of this bait is that you can use it as a hookbait or mixed in with groundbait, and as part of a spod mix.

“Carp, they just love the stuff!”

My favourite brand of sweetcorn has to be Jolly Green Giant but make sure you buy the cans with added sugar and salt because this is a huge attraction for carp – they absolutely love the stuff! But to be honest as I’ve already mentioned any brand of sweetcorn will work just as good. Hair Rig SweetcornAnother main attractor for this bait is its rich content of vitamins, minerals, sodium and amino acids which carp can pick up on from some distance and will home in on the scent – just like somebody ringing the dinner bell!

As corn is such a great bait this ultimately means that you will get pestered by other fish because they love it just as much as carp do – which can be annoying! In recent years the invention of the plastic fake corn bait has been a God send!

It won’t stop you catching the nuisance fish but it will give you confidence that your hook bait is always going to be there! Also worth a try is Dynamite’s Frenzied Sweetcorn  – maize or mixed particles in a jar or tin. This brand of maize/sweetcorn is top stuff and has caught me a lot of fish. Or Mainline Response 10mm or 15mm Sweetcorn Boilies  (plus other great flavours) – 200g bag for just £4.40. If you’re fishing on a budget then these little beauties will do the business as an alternative – they’re a great little tench bait as well!

Pros vs. Cons

Korda Pop Up Maize

Click image to view Korda’s fake range of corn in a variety of high visibility colours


  • Sweetcorn is a cheap carp fishing bait and is readily available.
  • Corn is a great attractor to carp – colour and taste make it highly visible and attractive.
  • You can use plastic fake corn which gives you the confidence that you will always have a hook bait present. Also worth a try is Korda’s Pop-Up Maize in four great flavours.
  • Can be fished as a lone hookbait or in conjunction with a boilie for example.
  • Excellent all year round bait.
  • A good healthy bait for the carp.
  • You can dye sweetcorn different colours – red is a classic example and can prove very effective.
  • As well as being a great hookbait, it also complements other baits when used as a groundbait/spod mix i.e. hemp and pellets.
  • Sweetcorn juice is a great attractor when added to your groundbait/spod mix. I see a lot of carp anglers tipping the juice away! Don’t do this because there’s a lot of goodness in the juice.
  • If you are on a budget then it is definitely worth buying maize (which is essentially sweetcorn) in bulk and preparing yourself.


  • Other fish love to eat sweetcorn as well which means that you get pestered by nuisance fish – which can be annoying especially if you’re only interested in catching carp.
  • Fishing corn at distance can be an issue if you want to bait up with free offerings – you can’t catapult it very far out for a start off. So you would need to spod or use a bait boat to ensure the sweetcorn gets to the desired area.
  • Once opened sweetcorn doesn’t last very long so it has to be used within a few days.

Click here to check out Dynamite’s Carp Frenzied Feeder Jars and Tins (includes hemp, chilli hemp, garlic hemp, maize, mixed particles, tiger nuts).

Natural Hemp + Maize Particles Mix. PVA Friendly Prepared Bait - 500g Includes FREE PVA Bag

Natural Hemp + Maize Particles Mix. PVA Friendly Prepared Bait – 500g Includes FREE PVA Bag

Final Take:

Sweetcorn is without doubt one of the best baits out there for carp fishing. It’s probably one of the most used baits for catching carp whether it is used as a hookbait or as part of a groundbait/spod mix. All carp anglers should  be armed with at least one or two tins because you never know when a situation might arise that you need some. There’s no excuse as it’s a cheap carp fishing bait that gets results!

NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you. Thanks again.

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24 Responses to Best Bait for Carp Fishing – No. 2 – Sweetcorn

  1. biswajit says:

    Sir….i m from India….i just want to know that the corns r I need to boil it before fishing …plz reply me in my mail id

    • Ade says:

      Basically you can buy sweetcorn ready prepared from the tin which does not require boiling. Or you can buy a pack of frozen sweetcorn which has been prepared but still requires a small amount of cooking time so it can be used for fishing – I’d say boil for no more than 10 minutes.
      Alternatively you can buy a pack of unprepared maize (which is essentially sweetcorn) but this will require a much longer preparation time – as per my article you need to first soak the maize for approx 24 hours and then boil for about 30 minutes before it is safe enough to fish with.
      Hope this helps.

  2. biswajit says:

    Sir it mean I need to boil it before fishing…n sir is there any need to add sugar with corn

  3. biswajit says:

    Sir can I used sweet corn for rahu and mrigal fishing…plz suggest me the bait for rahu fishing…and sir if I purchase general corn n then I boil it…is it ok for fishing

  4. biswajit says:

    Sir I generally use bread for rahu fishing..i never used corn for fishing…thats why I m confused how to use corn…in there r some sweet corn is available but I cant understand which one is best for me…n some flavour also available in…but I cant choose the right one…plz help me out sir…n I want to buy two crap rod..but in India I don’t kno where I get the good one

    • Ade says:

      IF you’re are buying sweetcorn from Amazon for the first time then I would buy corn from the tin/can. This is already prepared so you can start fishing with it straight away – there’s no need to boil the corn!
      If you are Rohu fishing then you can also try mixing the sweetcorn in with the bread, mashing it together to form a paste to give it extra flavour.
      When it comes to choosing a liquid flavour there’s no right or wrong answer it’s sometimes worth trying a few out to see which gets you the best results. Spicy flavours are usually very good for carp fishing as they are highly attractive.
      When it comes to buying rods and other tackle it all depends on the size of fish that you are fishing for? The brands are different in India so to be on the safe side I would drop an email asking for some advice on which rods to buy would be best to meet your fishing requirements.
      All the best

  5. biswajit says:

    Sir I got sweet corn kernels from a local store with a tin packing…is it ok sir n ready to fishing

    • Ade says:

      Yes, you can start fishing with this straight away but you might want to boil for a minute or so to soften the corn and bring out the flavour!

  6. biswajit says:

    Thanks sir…sir can u send me some rods and hooks….and Tel me about the prices…i hav seen a rod in indian site…is it ok sir…

    • Ade says:

      Hi, the rod listed on the Indian site looks perfect to me for what you need. The only problem you have buying fishing tackle from the UK is that you will have very expensive shipping costs especially for items such as fishing rods. So I think it would be best for you to try and source your tackle locally. If you really want to buy from Amazon UK site then check out my post – there are some very good deals on their at reasonable prices but I’m not sure how much it was cost to ship. You would have to ask Amazon UK for shipping details.

  7. biswajit says:

    Sir is it better to mix bread with corn for rohu fishing

  8. biswajit says:

    So kind of u sir n m realy thankful to u n I wil never forget yor help…sir in our river rohu n mrigal fish’s are available..plz suggest me the best best…corn or boilies…if boilies thn plz see the link
    which one the best one n how to use it…

  9. biswajit says:

    Sir which leader n line is use for carp fishing

  10. uk says:


    • Ade says:

      Carp don’t have the best eye sight but they do have an excellent sense of smell. So even in murky waters carp will locate your bait easily as long as it’s presented in the right way. Using a coloured boilie (such as white) for example which a high intensity flavour is a good way to attract carp. You can also soak the hook bait with a bait dip or glug which will send off an extra scent that will travel through the water layers. This is just one example of presenting the bait so it’s more attractive and so will hopefully get you more bites. Read more about bait attractors here:

  11. Michael says:

    Nice article, corn can also be used for trout. I fish White River in Arkansas, trout dock ran out of berkley power eggs, so got can sweet corn, using Abu garcia 5500 which is not fly rod, caught 6 rainbows and 1 speckled brown trout off of corn.

  12. Rhys Dowson says:

    Chris Yates’ record carp came from Herefordshire not Hertfordshire.
    Bernithan Court Pool to be precise.
    Redmire was the code name.
    It’s now up for sale if you have £4,000,000 to spare.
    Dr Bleep.

  13. zach schofield says:

    hi im wondering if you can help im wondering if the green giant can of cream corn is harmful to carp cause i have a recipe i want to try and i dont want to go buy everything and find out its very harmful

    • Ade says:

      I’ve been using Green Giant corn for years and haven’t experienced any problems or been advised that it is harmful to carp or any other fish for that matter. It’s full of plenty of goodness so you’ve got no worries there!

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