23lb Common Carp

A very welcome 23lb Common Carp which put up one heck of a scrap!

I think it’s fair to say that carp are greedy little buggers and on their day they will eat just about anything! That said there’s a lot more than you think that goes into choosing the best bait for catching carp.

Over the years there’s been one bait that has been pretty much the ‘king’ of all carp baits and that has to be the tried and trusted ‘boilie’.

Having said that there are many other different types of bait out there which are just as good on their day and have caught countless carp over the years and big carp at that! But there is always one question that just keeps on rolling…

What is the Best Bait for Carp Fishing?

The answer, there are many factors to consider first…

Below is my take on some of the key factors involved in choosing the right bait for you and the place you are going to fish:

1. How pressured the water is from other carp anglers – e.g. what baits are catching carp, some baits the fish might shy away from. So using something different from other anglers often brings results.

2. Check whether or not the fishery has any bait bans. Quite often there are bans on certain baits on some carp fisheries. A common one is Tiger Nuts (but this is a great carp bait!).

3. Water colour and temperature can have an influence on what baits are more successful than others – e.g. some anglers believe highly visible coloured baits like fluro pop-ups are good in very murky water conditions.

4. Even size, colour & flavour of baits will also have an influence. e.g. a particular fishery might be having success with say ‘red coloured tutti frutti flavoured boilies’…..these are the types of things that you need to find out.

5. Even your budget may affect simply what bait you can use, as some of the baits out there are not cheap these days! And if you’re going for a long session then the costs can soon rack up. But expensive baits aren’t always the best option. You can catch big carp with baits that cost nothing!

6. Carp density of a fishery – if there are lots of smaller carp and other species you may need to use much larger hook baits. Also you may need to put in a larger bed of ground bait mix to keep the fish interested as small amounts will just get eaten quickly by every other fish in the water. In these situations using sweetcorn for example as a hook bait just wouldn’t be any good because you will be pestered by the smaller fish…..the better option could be to use a large boilie, say 24mm.

Carp fishing at sunset

Carp fishing at sunset

7. Last but quite possible one of the most important factors is the confidence you have in a particular bait that you are using i.e. has it caught you lots of fish on different waters? Your own secret recipe perhaps – if so why change?


For this website, Best Bait For Carp Fishing, I will be looking at:

  • My top 10 baits for catching carp – all of them have caught numerous carp and some of the baits are even FREE to purchase.
  • A review of each bait including Pro’s and Con’s.
  • Best places to buy these baits.
  • Plus much more….

I will also be looking at other important topics related to carp baits including:

  • Using bait boats & other baiting techniques. Including Pro’s and Con’s for each method.
  • Best places to buy bait boats for Carp fishing.
  • Top tips for spotting carp – You can use the best bait in the world but if you’re not on the fish then you’re pretty much flogging a dead horse! right? It never seizes to amaze me the amount of people that just turn up at a fishery and simply just pick a peg that they like the look of – big mistake.

As a rule I will always walk around a fishery at least two times to establish the location of a good head of carp. It’s very rare indeed not to be able to spot any signs of a fish. This could be the slightest swirl under the surface or the odd carp rolling.

Hope you enjoy the read and please feel free to leave any comments below – Tight Lines! 🙂




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