Bait Boats for Carp Fishing…..what’s all the fuss about!?


Angling Technics Procat MKIII

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To be honest I’ve never been a big fan of carp bait boats. To me it’s like you’re cheating in a way haha. Even though I know you’re not it’s definitely getting one over on the carp!

It takes away the art of casting for one thing but I’m sure for some anglers who may struggle a bit with casting then the introduction of bait boats was the best thing since the invention of the hair rig!

Also I guess for me the fact that I’ve never really fished waters where I’ve needed to use one or where a bait boat is essential to get to those difficult swims, is another reason why I haven’t got one.

Having said all that I can see that bait boats definitely do have a place and I’ve often seen them used to devastating effect. I know many carp anglers that use them and so I thought I’d do my own write up and reviews about bait boats.

Pros vs. Cons


  • If you’re useless at casting then a bait boat is for you.
  • Most bait boats are very quiet and just glide across the surface – a huge advantage especially if you don’t want to disturb the water.
  • You can get all of your bait (including hook bait) in a concentrated area if you want – very accurate!
  • No need for using a marker float and spodding out bait.
  • Bait boats are very good for getting your bait into swims that are pretty much impossible to reach by casting – i.e. next to islands with overhanging trees and bushes.
  • If you are fishing various particle baits then using a bait boat is probably the most effective way of baiting a swim. Spodding and using PVA bags will do the job but will also create a huge disturbance when hitting the water which potentially could spook the fish from the swim for hours.
  • If you are fishing a short session (up to 12 hours) then using a bait boat would give you an advantage as there would be less disturbance to the water and so less chance of spooking any fish.

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  • Bait baits on the whole can be quite expensive.
  • Battery life for some models are very low, some only lasting for as little as 30/40 mins.
  • Some waters have a ban on bait boats.
  • The range that can be reached varies quite a lot depending on the make and model.
  • Some bait boats can carry a lot more bait than others so you need to check what bait capacity each one has.

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Final Take:

For me bait boats are becoming more and more popular and as already mentioned I think they definitely have a place with the modern day carp angler. I think the advantages of using a bait boat far outweigh the cost of buying a decent bait boat. Also prices have fallen quite a lot over recent years compared to what they were when they first hit the market.

Carp are becoming more and more clever and have wised up to a lot of the carpers fishing and baiting techniques but the bait boat is a big plus to the carp angler. Having the ability to accurately bait up an area at some distance without disturbing the water and spooking the fish is a massive advantage.

Click here to continue to my bait boat reviews.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comments box below and I will get back to you. Thanks again.


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