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What is the fastest bait boat?

Buying a bait boat for your carp fishing is a big deal so choosing the right one for you is important.

There are a lot of bait boats on the market so to make the process of buying one a little easier I’ve listed most of the top makes and models each with the different technical specifications that will hopefully help you decide.

There are a few main factors which people need to consider before purchasing a bait boat:

  1. The speed and handling of a bait boat – including manoeuvres and 360 degree turns. The Anatec range of bait boats are some of the best on the market but are also some of the most expensive.
  2. External Propeller or internally powered jet engines – A lot of carp anglers prefer jet powered bait boats as there is less chance of any weed and other debris getting caught on the underside of the boat where the propellers are situated. Also jet engines are slightly quicker but will usually cost you more money than boats powered by propellers. Detachable weed guards are available for most boats that have propellers. 
  3. Price of bait boats – Bait boats vary in price quite dramatically from a couple of hundred pounds up to nearly two thousand pounds. But it’s not always about how much a bait boat costs, there are lots of other factors which need to be considered before choosing the right one for you! There are many good bait boats out there which won’t break the bank, such as the Lake Reaper bait boat (below) and the Angling Technics range of boats which are some of the most popular.
  4. Distance the boat covers and battery life for each fishing session (having spare batteries is always a good idea).
  5. Bait capacity and how the hopper operates including successful release of bait and hook bait. The Microcat MKIII has a 4kg bait capacity which is one largest on the market.
  6. The weight and size of the boat can be an important factor for a lot of anglers and also the amount of disturbance the boat creates in the water and how quiet it is moving across the surface.


Hopper – This is the compartment in the central part of the bait boat (single or double) where the bait is kept and which has a releasing mechanism for the hopper door to drop the bait over the desired area!

My list starts with the cheapest bait boat first and has my take at the end which is a final review for that model of boat.

What is the cheapest Bait Boat?


Lake Reaper Carp Bait Boat – Price £315.00


  • Dimensions: (L x W x H) 59cm, 29cm, 22cm.Lake-Reaper-Bait-Boat
  • Range (metres): 300+
  • Battery life: 2 hours approx.
  • Bait capacity:  1kg approx.
  • Powered: Propellers.
  • Unique feature: Boat has 2.4Ghz radio system which gives the boat proportional speed control with no interference from other anglers.

Bait Boat Review:

My Rating 88 out of 100.

This bait boat is simply great value for money and will not break the bank. Having done some research on the Lake Reaper bait boat it seems that most people have had very few problems, that’s why I’ve rated it so high. It’s reliable and easy to use but keeping a spare set of batteries as backup especially for long sessions is recommended.

Luckily spare batteries are quite cheap to buy and should cost no more than about £39.99 for 2 x 6V 4AH batteries and a charger. Click here to find out more.

The boat from new comes complete with 6V 4AH batteries and has LED navigation lights, perfect for night fishing. Bait capacity of 1kg is not the biggest when compared to other bait boats but I personally think it’s more than enough, especially as it takes very little effort to bring the boat back in and then reload to do another drop.

It’s also very quiet and keeps a good speed which makes it a great buy especially for the newbie, at an affordable price! A fish finder is also available for this boat.

Click here for more info and to buy the Lake Reaper bait boat. I’ve included a video below so you can see this bait boat in action for yourself!

Lake Reaper Carp Bait Boat in Camouflage – Price £315.00


Click image if you are interested in buying the Lake Reaper Bait Boat in Camouflage.

You can now also buy the Lake Reaper bait boat in camouflage! It has all of the same great features as the original Lake Reaper, but this boat really looks the part and all for the same price!

Click here for more info and to buy the Lake Reaper bait boat in Camouflage.




Click image for more info on the Lake Reaper Bait Boat.


Click image for more info on the Lake Reaper Bait Boat.


Click here to continue with my bait boat reviews…

NOTE: All prices are correct at the time of publishing this page.


8 Responses to Bait Boat Reviews

  1. Kenny says:

    Have just bought a new remote and need to know how to set it up to my boat can you help thanks

    • Ade says:

      It all depends on what bait boat you have because some boats have an antenna for the remote and the and boat which have to be connected separately for the device to work. Other boats have a built in aerial which means it should pick up the transmission automatically. Have you managed to operate the boat at all yet?

  2. brad. says:

    hi had Lake Reaper Carp Bait Boat in Camouflage for xmas i have charged batts and new batt in rc , now when i turn on rc and then boat all works well, but when rc is turn off boat gose in fall speed mode. is this normal.

  3. brad. says:

    ok thank you..have email the person i got it from but still waiting for answer.

  4. shaun says:

    When or how do I wd40 my lake reaper bait boat does the propeller need to be spinning or not

    • Ade says:

      Definitely don’t do any sort of maintenance work to your bait boat with the propeller is spinning, this can be dangerous. Just keep everything well cleaned and oiled on a regular basis especially when the bait boat is not in use.

  5. Arno says:

    Yes its normal because you must always switch off boat before remote when you done.

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